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At V Power Yoga, we specialize in an athletic, dynamic and flowing style of yoga that will challenge you. In a heated space, yoga poses are linked together in sequences to build both strength and flexibility. It’s not about the perfect pose, it’s about accepting where you are, breathing with each movement, pushing yourself to your own edge and most importantly having fun! We cannot wait to see you.

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V Power Yoga is conveniently located in the warehouse district of downtown Columbus. New yogis are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes prior to class. Yoga mats and towels are available for rent

and bottled water is available for purchase.


Metered parking is available in front of the studio (Monday-Saturday 8:00AM-10:00PM) or ask us about free parking.


  • Studio Location
  • 252 North Fifth Street
  • Columbus, Ohio 43215


Open 7 days a week!


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The History of V Power Yoga

Julie Verhoff Pipes' Biography

When Julie Verhoff went to The Ohio State University, she put on the normal 15 pounds during her freshman year. After seeing her body expand, she started taking step aerobics classes at the Bali’s Scandinavian gym. While at class one day, the instructor failed to show up. The manager of the club threw Julie the microphone and an emergency cassette tape with music and told her to “get up there and teach the class”. She was hooked. Immediately, she was hired and soon was teaching 5 aerobics classes a week while attending college.


After graduating from OSU in 1995, Julie started working full time as an executive recruiter but continued teaching step aerobics in the evenings and on the weekends. While doing this, Julie discovered a new exercise trend: Spinning. So, in addition to working a full-time career and working a part-time job, Julie was commuting 45 minutes one way to take Spinning classes. One day, Julie and her best friend were complaining about their careers. Julie mentioned to her friend that she was tired of commuting 45 minutes to take Spinning classes and was looking forward to someone opening a Spinning studio closer to her home in Grandview. Her friend laughed and sarcastically said “I don’t know who, besides you, is going to do that.” Voila! In three months, Julie and her friend quit their careers and opened the second Spinning studio in central Ohio. SHAPE the studio opened in 1997 in Grandview, Ohio.


After three years, Julie and her friend (now business partner) had an opportunity to expand their space. They decided to add yoga. Julie had been taking yoga classes from Laurel Hodory. After numerous discussions, Julie convinced Laurel to quit her career and sublet space from SHAPE the studio. In addition to Spinning and personal training, SHAPE the studio would now offer yoga. Sadly, Laurel did so well, that she left SHAPE the studio after only 6 months, leaving Julie and Geri to take over that space and make something work.
Julie ran off to New York city and spent a week taking every Vinyasa, Power and Flow yoga workshop and master class she could. When she returned, SHAPE the studio launched “power yoga”. Classes were filling quickly and Julie was teaching three yoga classes a day to keep up. In 2000, SHAPE the studio hired Lisa Paquette as the first yoga instructor besides Julie.
After eight years with SHAPE the studio, Julie was restless. She had bought a home in German Village and was wanting to do something on her own. In March 2005, she closed SHAPE the studio and she opened V Power Yoga in the Warehouse District. Lisa Paquette came with her. It was a hit. V Power Yoga offered classes seven days a week. Soon, she hired students who were wanting to teach. Some of Columbus’ yoga instructors who taught at V Power Yoga include Heidi Bell, Jill Endres, Erin Lombardo, Josie Schweitzer and Julie Wilkes. Julie married, bought another house in German Village and continued teaching at and running V Power Yoga for almost 10 years. Classes kept growing and V Power Yoga moved from the third floor in a warehouse to the ground floor on the street. She has enjoyed watching some of her former instructors spread their wings an start yoga studios of their own. One client calls Julie “the Bill Belichick” of yoga.
Recently, Julie and her husband decided to move to Sarasota, Florida. They are ready for warmer weather and their next adventure. Julie will continue to be active in the yoga community in Sarasota. She is excited to teach less classes and take more. She is thrilled that Jill Endres and Erin Lombardo have taken V Power Yoga to the next level with their experience and enthusiasm. She will visit often and stop by V Power Yoga every time she visits Columbus!